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Heating Furnaces / Kilns

heating_devicesWe have vastly developed a wide range of heating techniques, from firing decorated tableware to foods, chemicals and even electronic component manufacture. We assist our numerous customers through our many years of experience and enormous success.
In addition to accurate temperature control, Noritake’s heating equipment provides solutions for resolving manufacturing process issues. We hope to make additional contributions in the alternative energy sector with lithium-ion batteries and solar cells, in addition to lithium-ion batteries, and such in the near future.

■Application Examples at Various Temperature

application at varying temperature


Firing Kiln Roller Hearth Kiln, Rotary Kiln, Batch Kiln, Pusher Kiln, Mesh Belt Kiln, Kiln for Special Use, Kiln Heater, Thermocouple, Ceramic Roller
Drying Furnace Far Infrared Conveyor Furnace, Roll to Roll Far-infrared Heating Furnace Batch Kiln, Other Drying Furnaces
Special Furnaces/Kilns Carbonless Polycrystalline Si Fusion, Vertical Diffusion Furnace,
Heat Treatment System For Semiconductor
Far Infrared Heater Gas Type, Electric Type, Heat Medium Type
Refractory Crucible / Plate


※Noritake installs industrial furnaces and performs maintenance including repairs and upgrades.
We offer cement firing, glass melting and steel heating furnaces.