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Noritake Cutting Circular Saw Technology

Noritake Engineering Division had a vision of engineering a cutting circular saw machine that was cost effective to produce and operate. With more than 25 years of engineering and cutting expertise, we set out on a journey to build the Noritake automatic circular sawing machine, “Thin Cut Master”.

Noritake metal cutting technologies are focused on the proper balance of precision, ease of operation and reliability at a higher RPM with a greater chip load than any other cutting circular saw machine.

Cutting Machine

Specification NCS-5A/50 NCS-5/75 NCS-5/100 NCS-5/150 NCS-5/200
Capacity Round Bar inch 0.39 – 1.97 0.39 – 3 0.79 – 4 2.76 – 6.00 4.72 – 8.00
mm 10 – 50 10 – 76.2 20 – 101.6 70 – 152.4 120 – 203.2
Square Bar inch 0.39 – 1.57 0.39 – 2.56 0.79 – 3.15 2.76 – 4.33 4.72 – 6.3
mm 10 – 40 10 – 65 20 – 80 70 – 110 120 – 160
Saw Drive Motor 3.7 kW 7.5 kW 15 kW 15kW 22 kW
Saw Head Feed Drive Hydraulic By AC Servo Motor Drive / Ball Screw Feed
High RPM Available Available  Available  Available

Our circular sawing machine can be configured for handling heavier and longer cutting requirements by adding the following options.

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Noritake fully automatic material handling system includes inclined load magazine, bundle rack and bar handling crane.
The inclined load magazine and bundle rack provide for automatic loading of bars to circular sawing machine.
The Noritake heavy duty bundle rack is a flat steel table to accept a bundle of bars.

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Noritake inclined loading magazine holds a number of bars and loads the bars one by one into circular sawing machine.
Automatic Chip Conveyor

Noritake Carbide Cermet Tipped Saw Blade (cutting cold saw) Technology

To compliment the fast and accurate performance of our systems, we offer our special cutting cold saws (disposable saw). Our most popular HS-5 are high performance and versatile circular saw blades. The HS-5S are higher accuracy circular saw blades for more demanding applications.

Material Markets

Noritake’s experience spans a range of materials for use in a automatic circular sawing machines, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and more.Our technologies cover a variety of forging parts, including gears, CVJs(Constant-velocity joints), crankshafts, camshafts, hub bearings, ball screws and more.

Noritake Circular Cold Saw Vs. Band Saw

What are the tolerances for the length, squareness, and consistency of your final product? Will a secondary finishing operation need to be performed? Or do the pieces need to meet specific minimum requirements, such as a finish requirement of RMS 80, following the initial cut? If a secondary operation was eliminated, would it saving you time and money?
The tolerances for the length, squareness and operating costs and throughput are the place where a cold saw beats a band saw. Our circular cold saws have a servo-drive ball screw that propels the automatic feeding unit. These electric ball screws enhance material positioning by improving accuracy during the cut and eliminating backlash following the cut. Also, our circular cold saws deliver high-quality finishes with true edges.

  • Tolerances for the Length < ± 0.1 mm
  • Tolerances for the squareness < ± 0.5 mm / 100 mm
  • Surface Finish < 80 RMS


Bar Material Bar Diameter Actual Cutting Time
inch mm High RPM Model Comparable model
NCS-5/75 SAE1045 1.97 50 2.8 sec 5.5 sec
NCS-5/100 SAE1050 2.17 55 2.9 sec 5.8 sec


Noritake Circular Cold Saw Vs. Shearing

A few years back the choice between a circular cold saw and shearing was a bit simpler. A high-volume, high-production application likely would require Shearing. If tolerance and finish were critical, circular saw probably would have sufficed. But today, because of technical advancements, the answer is less clear-cut. Noritake turns at a higher RPM with a greater chip load than any other circular sawing systems. High-quality circular saw machine may be able to meet or exceed performance expectations that previously were achievable only with shearing.

Advantage to cold saw,

  • Tolerances for the Length < ± 0.1 mm
  • Tolerances for the squareness < ± 0.5 mm / 100 mm
  • Surface Finish < 80 RMS
  • Its operating costs tend to be lower because it’s less complex than the shear. The shear has a number of hydraulic motions that must occur on each cut. Circular sawing machine has 5-10.
  • Circular saw machine operates at room temperature, while the shear processes 900-degree logs.
  • The furnace/shear system uses less floor space, but must be installed in a straight line. Carbide Cutoff Systems requires slightly more floor space, it can be installed to accommodate the building layout.


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