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A-O Filter


The coolant filtration system is a precision filtration apparatus for oil-soluble coolants that uses a high-density cubic element made from glass fiber.
Due to a fine pressure difference used for filtering, clogging can be avoided, and it can filter continuously for extended periods of time.


The dirty coolant is filtered through the multiple cubic filter surfaces installed in the A-O tank, and clean coolant flows through the collection pipe inside the cubic filter element when returned to the processing machine.
Fine pressure difference requires only a small lifting height for the dirty and clean liquid pumps, and therefore saves energy. In addition, filter regeneration uses the air backwash method and can be completed in a short amount of time.
Sludge produced during backwashing is automatically discharged from the machine by a discharge screw.



  • Oil-based coolant ( Various washing, honing, super finishing and other precision work )