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Backwash cartridge filter

High-powered and less clogging backwash cartridge filter

Model BWF


Enhanced filtration efficiency

Hole drilling is very precise and every filter element has a uniform hole diameter. Highly precise filtration is realized as the filtration is performed in the thick cake layer which is formed with an initial backwash pressure of up to 0.2MPaG.

Enhanced backwashing

Backwashing is effectively achieved with no-clogging due to tapered holes. And easy maintenance.

Intensive exfoliating cake

The surface of filter element is smooth compared to the complicated wire netting’s surface. It enables the intensive exfoliating cake. Electrolytic polishing realizes more intensive exfoliating cake.

Enhanced durability

Differing from the conventional filter media, filter elements don’t need supports due to pipes applying to the filtration surface. It delivers enhanced durability and long-life.


  • Super fine particle sludge for screw grinding and gear grinding
  • High viscosity oily coolant