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Cyclone Separator Model SPC

High function cyclone separator featuring weight saving body 

This separator is to separate of particles in coolant by centrifugal force and collect them to the peripheral wall.
These particles will sink to the bottom while spinning and will be discharged from the rejecting part.


Highly Efficiency Separating

Achievement of highly efficient separating No.1 position in the industry.

Highly-Durable Cyclone Part

Nyron resin  is used for the cyclone parts, which has higher abrasion resistance than stainless or other steel materials. Ceramic materials is used for the rejection part which wears most.

Deployment of Bubbling Suppression (Patented product)

Our own original bubbling suppression mechanism is deployed, and improves foaming problems with cyclone separator.

Slim and Light Body

Make a successful trimming down and weight saving of the body.

Easy Ovarhaul

Decomposition of the body and maitenance of reject can be easily.

Layout become freely

Layout of clean outlet and dirty inlet pipe become flexible.


  • Separation of processed scraps and abrasive grains in the water-soluble coolant
  • Stabilization of Suspended solid concentration in the clean tank (used in the salvage method)