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Pressure Belt Filter

Pressure Belt FilterThe Pressure Belt Filter performs pressure filtration using coolant pumps and by forming a cake layer in the airtight filtration chamber using an endless belt and our own custom seal mechanism (which combines an elevating beam with a flap). This design makes high-pressure filtration possible and permits a high degree of filtration accuracy through the formation of a thick cake layer. During the final process of the filtration cycle, a high level of desiccation is achieved by blowing air on the particles. While the particles are discharged, the endless belt is re-washed.


Maximum capacity

This device handles batch treatment of coolant from multiple production machines. It can handle maximum filtration rates of up to 4,000 L/min (water-soluble).


High-efficiency regeneration mechanism

The filter uses our own special endless belt. Cleaning is performed while the sludge is discharged, thereby reducing the restart time.


High-precision filtration

High-precision filtration is achieved by performing efficient cake filtration with a thick cake layer that is created using pressure.

Zero expendables

By using an endless belt, no expendable parts are discharged, and the device can be used for an extended period of time.

High sludge-desiccation functionality

After the filtration process, highly desiccated sludge can be recovered by blowing air on the sludge.
Assembled with a variety of filtration materials
By combining supplementary filtration materials (e.g. kieselguhr), even more precise filtration is possible.


  • Water-based coolant
  • Oil-based coolant