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Thermal Technology

Noritake Thermal Technology

For many years Noritake has been providing heating technology that originated from patented calcination processes of our chinaware. As this technology has continued to evolve, we have developed equipment such as Atmosphere Control / High-temperature RHK, Pusher Kiln, Roll to Roll Far-infrared Heating Furnace, and various drying systems. They are used in various industries such as food, alumina catalyst carriers, MLCC and ferrite, electronic parts such as alumina boards, and automotive parts such as oxygen sensors, honeycomb and spark plugs. We have also found success in new energy industries such as Lithium Ion Battery, Solar Cells, and Fuel Cells.

Vacuum Furnace Technology

Noritake is a trusted expert in innovating technology solution for the thermochemical diffusion, purification and MIM (Metal Injection Molding) sintering and debinding. Noritake’s patented vacuum furnace is our latest thermal processing innovation for a wide range of production. These furnaces are designed with proper balance of high production, simple operation and reliability. The vacuum furnace business for thermochemical diffusion, purification, drying and sintering process in North America has grown to the automotive and battery market.

Purification Furnace

Noritake’s purification furnace utilizes a thermochemical process with halogen gas like Chlorine, to remove metallic impurities. Our kiln performs purification of wide range of materials including graphite, graphite composites and ceramics. Noritake purification furnace uses a unique heating element design that allows users to achieve better temperature uniformity. Our patented new heating system, heated product shelve, is design alternative to other traditional furnace types. Noritake thermal technologies are also utilized to produce carbon nanotubes. By adding grain electrode conductive additives to carbon nanotubes, the entangled nanotubes are well separated. As the result, the conductive nanotubes composite can be dispersed easily in lithium ion battery electrode materials. Additionally, due to the synergetic effect between the carbon nanotubes and the grain electrode materials, the discharge capacity and cycle life of Li-Ion battery can be improved remarkably.

■Purification Furnace Features

1. Removing Inpurities in Dry Gas – No Damage on Carbon -

Unlike the treatment in acid solution or high temperature, metal impurities can be removed from carbons completely without damages.

2. No Emission Treatment Needed – Easy to Clean! -

Metal byproducts will be sublimated by reacting with chlorine gas and discharged as off-gas. Therefore, cleaning or aftertreatment of deposits e.g. generated after acid solution are not required.

3. Fully Automated System – Easy to Operate -

Place your carbon parts or powder in Noritake Purifying Furnace, then push a button – then all will be done!

4. Excellent Maintainability

Free from excessive amount of waste solution or consumables, spare parts, etc. that are typical in acid solution treatment. Reduction in running cost.

■Purification Theory

Metal impurities e.g. Fe, Co, Mg, etc. will react with hot chlorine and chemically changed to chloride gas, and will be disposed out of Furnace. This removal process is free from damages to your carbon parts or powders.

Reactions with gas medium at high temperature;
2Fe + 3Cl2 → 2FeCl3
2Cr + 3Cl2 → 2CrCl3

Multiple metal impurities were reacted with chlorine and removed. Metal impurities are efficiently removed by the reaction with chlorine gas in high temperature & reduced pressure environment.

Purification Result

Metal Before (parts per million, PPM) After (parts per million, PPM)
Iron (Fe) >10,000 <20
Aluminium (Al) >10,000 <20
Magnesium (Mg) >10,000 0-5
Cobalt (Co) >1,000 0-5
Neodymium (Nd) >1,000 0-5
Chromium (Cr) >100 0-5
Calcium (Ca) >100 0-5

■Purification Furnace Capability

  • Temperature up to 1400°C
  • Process in Chlorine gas, Hydrochloric Acid, Nitrogen, Hydrogen (100%), Argon
  • Range of pressures ; less than 0.01torr to 760torr
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) ; 5000mmx5100mmx2200mm
  • Usable retort size (HxWxD) ; 850mmx850mmx650mm

research-center 1st image research-center 2nd image

A unique patented heating element
design allows to achieve better
temperature uniformity.
The user friendly HMI made
furnace operation much easier
for plant operators.

research-center 1st image research-center 2nd image

Heat Exchanger Furnace Loader

Hot Press Furnace

Noritake hot press systems are designed for a variety of application of high temperatures and high pressures. The hot press can operate in vacuum, partial pressures, as well as positive pressure of insert gas. It is rated for operation for operation to 3000oC and a force of 300 Tons. Noritake is also adept at building custom hot press kiln to satisfy unique customer process requirements. Our hot press furnace is utilized for diffusion bonding. In diffusion bonding, the metal parts are held together under an applied force and heated in vacuum furnace, causing atoms from each part to diffuse to the other. Noritake furnace capabilities are well suited for diffusion bonding, requiring high temperature and sophisticated pressures.

  • Temperature up to 3000°C
  • Process in Nitrogen, Hydrogen (100%), Argon, Helium, Ambient Air, Wet Hydrogen, Ammonia
  • Available hot zones ; Graphite, Tungsten, Molybdenum
  • Hydraulic System ; rated for 200 ton pressing
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Noritake MIM one step debinding batch sintering furnace

Noritake MIM sintering furnace system is uniquely well suited for metal injection molded products and powder metallurgy industries.
Noritake’s MIM sintering furnaces process any metal with any binder in a one step debinding and sintering cycle, without having to move the parts.The Noritake sintering furnace is designed to completely and uniformly treat MIM parts at temperatures up to 1600°C.We also have the experience, knowledge and talent to manufacture efficient furnaces with exceptional temperature uniformity.The sintering furnace separately controls temperature of heated product shelves (Patented).
Using this Noirtake’s unique heating system, the MiM furnace has been able to achieve more uniform temperature distribution than another type of furnace.
Noritake MIM vacuum debind and sinter furnaces also offer precise gas distribution and flow controls combined with reliable pressure and partial pressure in argon, nitrogen or hydrogen atmospheres.

  • Temperature up to 1600°C
  • Process in Nitrogen or Argon or Hydrogen
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) ; 2000mmx2800mmx2100mm
  • Usable retort size (HxWxD) ; 1500mmx830mmx1000mm
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High Temperature Continuous Furnace

Noritake has developed high temperature pusher furnace capable of 2,000C (3,632F). By utilizing carbon interior, Noritake has achieved highest temperature continuous furnace in the industry. This “High Temperature Carbon Pusher Furnace” contributes to advanced ceramics production such as Silicon Nitride, Boron Nitride and so on. This furnace is used also for carbon purification / graphitization and high purity ceramics sintering process.

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■High Temperature Continuous Furnace Capability & Features


Silicon Nitride Substrate
Boron Nitride Substrate
Sintering for High Purity Advanced Ceramics
Purification / Graphitization of Carbon Materials

2.High Temperature

Maximum Temperature : 2,000°C (3,632°F)
Capable of higher temperature than conventional furnace due to carbon interiorRHK has been able to achieve more uniform temperature distribution (+/- 2°C) than another type of furnace.

3.Less Contamination

Interior Material : Carbon, Carbon Fiber
Less contamination from interior material
Capable of more purification then conventional furnace

4.Continuous Process

High produtivity due to continuous pusher system
Less contamination from interior material
Capable of more purification then conventional furnace

Roller Hearth Kiln

For over 40 years, Noritake has produced advanced thermal systems for continuous processing of advanced materials. From the desk top kiln to mass production scale roller hearth furnace, the backbone of Noritake’s standard product line, to specialized furnace that perform sintering, oxide reduction, calcination, carbonization, purification, debinding or other process, to fully custom engineered systems built around your unique application, Noritake is the company that savvy heat treaters trust when they need to do the job right.

■Roller Hearth Kiln Capability & Features

1.Temperature Uniformity

RHK has been able to achieve more uniform temperature distribution (+/- 2°C) than another type of furnace.
[Application Example] Better uniformity made higher spark plug performance, stable product dimension and better productivity.

2.Rapid Heat Up Capability

Ramp up capability over 1,200°C(2,192°F) per hour.
[Application Example] Multilayer Chip had a peering issue caused by shrinkage ratio difference and temperature differences between ceramic layer and base material. RHK has been solved this issue with its rapid heat up capability.

3.High Temperature, High Speed Firing

Using Noritake’s unique conveying system, the roller hearth furnace is capable of temperatures of 1,600°C(2,912°F). This RHK can dramatically shorten firing time. Efficient production and a smaller foot print are also achieved.

4.Air-Tight Atmosphere Control

Controlling O2 concentration from less than 0.00010% (10ppm) to more than 99%.

Roller Hearth Kiln for Lithium Ion Battery Industry

In regards to the Lithium Ion Battery industry, Noritake is proud to have been servicing the industry with our roller hearth furnace for 20 years. Noritake supports our customers with scalable equipment. For development of Cathode and Anode materials, we provide lab-scale furnace such as RHK Simulator and a compact design desk top roller hearth furnace. For pre-production to mass production needs, we offer our full production roller hearth furnace. In meeting with our customer’s needs, Noritake has various test furnaces for Cathode material such as Nickel Manganese Cobalt oxide (NMC), Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) and others. We also have test furnaces for Anode material such as carbon powder, Silicon powder and others. Tests on any other type of materials and products are available, we look forward to discussing your specific needs.

Roller Heath Kiln for High-purity Alumina Industry

Noritake also has extensive experience and equipment lineup of High temperature roller hearth furnace and High temperature Pusher furnaces. For the High temperature roller hearth furnace, we have rollers that provide high speed transferring in extreme temperatures of 1600°C and unique transfer systems able to realize high temperature / high speed calcination. For the High temperature Pusher Kilns, we have the capability of handling temperature differences of debinding at 400°C to sintering at over 1600°C, and are able to achieve extreme temperature calcination at maximum 1800°C in low oxygen (< 50 ppm ) environments. With Noritake’s intake & exhaust structure, we are able to control a highly accurate internal atmosphere to enable continuous production of ultra-high purity alumina materials, alumina substrates, aluminum nitride, and silicone nitride.

Rotary Furnace

For continuous processing of advanced materials markets, Noritake offers rotary furnace from lab to full scale production. Noritake Rotary kiln, which will be used for a variety of process – calcining processes for ferrite powders, lithium ion cathode and anode powders, micro-porous carbon powders, etc., enable better mixing and increase production capacity along with tighter temperature tolerances.

Ceramic Tube Rotary Kiln

Noritake has developed Ceramic Tubed Rorary Kiln to meed the customers’ demend of metal conamination free firing. Noritake original Tube configuration enables Noritake to offer large scale Ceramic Tubed Kiln. Also Noritake Ceramic Tubed Rotary Kiln is capable of installing air knocker. Air knocker is the key for stable operation. The ceramic tube reliability has been proven by Noritake’s vast experiences in Lithium ion battery material. Any size of Ceramic Tubed Rotary Kilns are available from Laboratory scale to mass production scale.

■Ceramic Tube Rotary Kiln Capability & Features

  • Eliminates metal contamination for battery materials
  • “Knocker” option, to eliminate product adhesion on Ceramic Tube surface
  • Energy efficient and homogenized product flow
  • Atmosphere control
  • Various Tube material options – High Alumina, Silicon Carbide, Graphite, etc.
  • Optimal for producing lithium-ion battery materials
  • Able to exceed temperatures of 1,000°C (1,832°F)