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Nox Gas-Recovery System

The recovery system sucks up corrosive fumes produced by manufacturing processes and causes them to be absorbed and neutralized by caustic soda.
It can be combined and used in conjunction with a scrubber.

Nox Gas-Recovery System


  • The system allows highly efficient absorption treatment of corrosive fumes.
  • Due to negative-pressure processing, pipe leakage is prevented and it exhibits superior safety performance.
  • The system is compact and uses less space than standard scrubber systems.
  • The system has the capacity to absorb fumes from fume-producing components.
  • By installing it in the stage before scrubbers, the number of scrubbers needed can be reduced. 
    (For example, four scrubbers can be replaced with a Nox Fume Recovery System and one scrubber.)


  • Neutralizing chlorine and ammonia fumes
  • Neutralizing hydrogen bromide fumes

Sample Specifications

Processing capacity Corrosive fumes: 200 Nm³/h 50°C
Circulating caustic soda volume: 156 m³/h 25°C
Utilities Air: 0.45 MPaG
Electricity: 220 V three-phase 30 kW
Dimensions and weight 5200L×4200W×3400H (mm)
Approx. 2,100 kg