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Ceramic Double Roll Mill

Ceramic Double Roll Mill
The Ceramic Double Rolling Mill system grinds natural solid substances and calcinated substances.


Model NR-84D NR-120D
Roller material Hard ceramics (high-alumina)
Roller hardness 8.8 – 9.0 (Mohs’ hardness)
Roller diameter 84mm 120mm
Roller length 250mm 450mm
Roller rotation ratio 1:2 1:2
Motor 200 V three-phase 0.75 kW 200 V three-phase 2.2 kW
External dimensions 650L×900W×1010H (mm) 1080L×1220W×1150H (mm)
Machine weight 350kg 450kg
Capacity 300kg/h 500kg/h


  • The double roller mill utilizes Noritake’s high-alumina ceramics. And, it is widely used as a low-wear and corrosion-resistant grinding machine, mainly for preprocessing applications at manufacturing plants involving wet and dry pulverizing of natural solid substances and calcinated substances as well as for separating (for classification), shaping and forming those materials. The benefits of that classification from the point of view of performance, service life and sanitation are significant quality improvements and cost reductions.
  • Because the parts that come into contact with liquid are made of ceramics or plastic, no metal constituents get mixed in.


  • Food processing (noodles and flour grinding), marine products processing, ceramics, powder metallurgy, various materials for electronics, and more