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Heating and Cooling Systems

At Noritake, we offer inline heating and cooling systems using Noritake cookers and SM heat exchangers that are applied as static mixers.

■Standard Methods

Standard MethodsStandard methods require time for heating, and unevenness or scorching could happen easily.

■Direct-Heating Method

Direct-Heating Method

  • Steam is directly applied to the raw material.
  • All the heat in the steam is transferred.
  • Rapid heating eliminates unevenness and scorching.

■Indirect Heating/Cooling Method

Indirect Heating/Cooling Method

  • The static mixer is inserted through the heating pipe.
  • Homogenization of raw ingredients by mixer stirring.
  • Excellent heat-exchange efficiency allows for downsizing and reduced heating times.


  • Installation space reduced by omission of heating and cooling tanks.
  • Inline processing maintains a safe and hygienic work environment.
  • Uniform heating and cooling is possible through accurate volume and temperature control thereby improving product quality.