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Aseptic Sterilization System

The Aseptic Sterilization System is a new sterilization system for achieving better product quality and safety.

Aseptic Sterilization System


  • The system performs sterilization treatment by maintaining a positive pressure in the aseptic valve and tank with a steam barrier system to provide insulation against the outside air.
  • The system is equipped with automated CIP water-purifying functionality.
  • The heat transmission tube is fitted with a static mixer and can handle both low and high-viscosity liquids.

Sample Specifications

Processing capacity Raw ingredient flow rate: 100 kg/h
Utilities Steam: 20 kg/h
Cooling water (hot water): 70°C, 5 t/h
Air: 200 NL/min (0.5 MPaG)
Electricity: 200 V three-phase 5 kW
Dimensions and weight 4600L×1800W×2500H (mm) 
Approx. 2,400 kg

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