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Water Heating System

The Water Heating System mounts peripheral control units like temperature sensors, temperature regulators and control valves onto a steam mixer for assembly into a compact unit

photo: Water Heating System


  • It heats liquids through the direct mixing of steam using a steam mixer, allows automated control of steam volume using a temperature control valve, and supplies hot water at a uniform temperature.
  • Wide-ranging temperature increase can be easily and accurately controlled.
  • The machine operates at maximum thermal efficiency by using all the heat in the steam.


  • Producing hot water for heating calendar rolls
  • Producing hot water for showers
  • Producing hot water for diluting solutions
  • Producing preparatory hot water
  • Producing hot water as a heat transfer medium
  • Producing hot water for production processes

Sample Specifications (Instant Heating System)

Processing capacity Hot water rate: 95.5 m³/h (75°C)
Utilities Steam: 5,430 kg/h (0.3 MPaG)
Fresh water: 90 m³/h (0.2 MPaG, 40 – 60°C).
Air: 300 NL/min (0.5 MPaG)
Electricity: 200V three-phase 0.8 kW
Dimensions and weight 3000L×1200W×1500H (mm)
Approx. 2,000 kg