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Box Blender (Small Chemical-Mixing System)

The mixing system continuously mixes two or more types of chemicals and dilution water.
This is a small, box-shaped system that incorporates a pump, static mixer, and flow control unit.

Box Blender (Small Chemical-Mixing System)


  • A space-efficient design incorporates all the machinery into a single box.
  • The system is air-driven, and the instrumentation runs on 100 V AC only. (The flow meters are on the float, so it can be used with air only [for anti-explosion compliance].)
  • It is portable via a standardized wagon, so it can be used for dilution at any required location.


  • Controlling isotonic saline solution concentration
  • Precipitation reactions for pharmaceutical intermediates
  • Diluting developing fluids
  • Diluting alcohol
  • Mixing and diluting various chemicals

Sample Specifications

Processing capacity Liquid chemicals: 30 L/h
Dilution water: 120 L/h
Utilities Air: 200 NL/min (0.49 MPaG)
Electricity: 100 V AC
Dimensions and weight 500L×800W×1200H (mm)
Approx. 90 kg

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