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Consecutive Degassing Deaeration System

The Consecutive Degassing Deaeration System provides the physical effect of a vacuum state and continuously removes air bubbles and dissolved gases from low and high-viscosity liquids.

Consecutive Degassing Deaeration System


  • Liquids that have been through thinning and dispersion processes on spinning discs have larger contact surfaces with the vacuum, which promotes degassing.
  • A multi-disc design allows at least twice the processing capacity (compared to that of other brands) and achieves higher cost-performance.


  • Reducing refill losses: paint, polymer raw material, tomato ketchup, mayonnaise
  • Oxygen removal: fruit juice, dressing, sauces
  • Improved yields: adhesives, emulsions, resins, ink
  • Solvent removal and dehydration: polymer raw materials, pigments, ink
  • Color improvement: cosmetics, cleaning agents, spices

Sample Specifications

Processing capacity Raw materials: 1,500 kg/h
Vacuum level: 20 Torr
Utilities Cooling water / sealing water: 7 l/min (14°C)
Electricity: 200 V three-phase 8 kW
Dimensions and weight 2500L×900W×2500H (mm)
Approx. 900 kg

Degassing Effectiveness Examples

Polymer raw materials
(10,000 mPa ・ s, 25°C)

Before degassing Before degassing After degassing After degassing

Note: for further details, please refer to the separate catalog.

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